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Rocky Bottoms, a family delivering the freshest fish

Norfolk, UK We bought the Rocky Bottoms site in 2004 and have owned and managed this unique restaurant since 2015. It is an independent family business headed-up by my husband Richard Matthew and myself, Ali. Rocky Bottoms was originally built in the 1800’s as a brick kiln to fire and make bricks. Today, we are

Brigadeiro: heaven and a serious business!

Malaga Few months ago I wrote an article about brigadeiro and Guinness, Heaven for Ronia is called Brigadeiro, and it has Guinness, a sweet Brazilian and Irish fusion. Since then I’ve been making brigadeiros for fun and offering as a gift for friends and neighbours. I didn’t realize that I was starting a business. It’ve started a

My kind of travel: traditional street food in Budapest

Malaga Getting to know traditional foods, local ingredients and the country’s history through food is one of my favourite ways to travel. When I plan a trip the first thread on my personal guide is its gastronomy. On the trips I’ve made to Budapest – Hungary I’ve visited the classic Gerbeaud Coffee to taste the

3 passions ebullition. Meet Foodographyco

UK Hello, my name is Manuel Gonzalez de Uzqueta. I was born and bred in a town near Madrid, Spain called Majadahonda. Food meets Photography Growing up, food was at the heart of my family life, and photography has been a passion of mine since my teens. Having worked as a chef in England for

Talking about the coffee culture in Australia

Australia The coffee culture here is different from ours since Australians drink less black coffee, and more Cappuccinos, Flat Whites, and Lattes – the ones responsible for huge queues at the coffee shops every day! The coffee here is serious stuff! Here, the coffee shops usually open between 5 or 6 in the morning and

Ladies and gentlemen: the Naked Boteco

From UK Our FIRST EVER NORWICH event. Our FIRST EVER IN-HOUSE experience. Our FIRST EVER 100 foodfriends moment. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Cooknst as a company with a diverse set of experiences and products connected to bring people together through the passion for food, art and culture!!! Yes, WE DID IT! We prepared a special event for a

Pssst… We've got news: Save 1 July night for us!

UK Almost 2 weeks after the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions… So much happiness and joy, positive feedback and fun stories to tell. What a great time, with some unforgettable after hours! For all of you that have not experienced a Mixed Sessions yet, worry no more! There is one coming up just for

Hot spoon to catch your lover

From Malaga If someone asks me what is my favourite plate, a bunch of them stroll through my mind, but soup is my number one, definitely. A huge bowl of chicken soup gives me energy against the flu or hangover. In wintertime, soup, soup, soup. Vegetables and mint leaves, in a mild broth, are a perfect