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An Adventurous Cook Exploring the World Through Food!

USA Growing up in California I was exposed to a lot of international cuisines. Every year my school would host this cultural event fundraiser that I’d always looked forward to. I got to experience a lot of Mexican and Filipino dishes such as tamales, pancit, and the best lumpia ever! These events really unlocked the

A UK Masterchef Semi-Finalist's Honest Brazilian Cooking

UK My story is a bit different from other chefs, in that growing up I never had a dream to be a chef. Actually it was the opposite, I wanted to do electric engineering in Brazil. It wasn’t until I moved to England around 15 years ago and started missing my family’s Brazilian food that I

Let's celebrate the spring together!

Hello you! It’s with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to the second edition of our Cooknst Mixed Sessions on the 29th April, 7pm, at The Baldwin Gallery. Just to remind, this is our series of happenings showcasing international culture, ambience and soulful dishes. Most importantly, the Mixed Sessions are special events to