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Harrison & Griffiths Caribbean Success!

UK Harrison & Griffiths Ltd is a small family business located in Nottingham. After meeting in 2013, owners, Paulette Griffiths and Colin Harrison, discovered their shared passion for baking and in 2015 Harrison Caribbean Bakery became Harrison & Griffiths Caribbean Cakes. This is their incredible tasty success story. Who are Colin Harrison and Paulette Griffiths?

Lets Get Ready To Crumble!! Match 1: The Bake Slayer VS Bun(nie)s of Steel

UK Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the bake off event of the year, one that will be told for generations to come! A match to determine who will be crowned the mightiest and worthiest of not just baking, but vegan baking. A challenge so intense that it will test the limits of any baker. The

My husband has a sweet lover

Malaga Do you think is possible someone fall in love with food? I’m a chocoholic and soupaholic as well. Sometimes I master my cravings eating other things but think about “hum, soup definitely will be better”. My husband is different, when he likes something it makes him crazy. Now his obsession is a brazilian version