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Back to working and cooking new stories for 2018!

UK Cooknst is back to work after a little break. Hands on the prep for what promises to be a breakthrough year, we are almost ready to start Cooking New Stories in 2018. I’ve been reviewing 2017 during these last few days, looking for how to improve and make the best of a Cooknst experience.

What will you dress for Capitu Comes to London?

Brazil I came here from England for my brother’s wedding. I am a bride’s maid, and there is, of course, a dress code. Playing around with clothes for all the occasions around the wedding made me think about Cooknst pop up events and dinner parties. Since the first edition of the Mixed Sessions, our seasonal

Creators, the dinner I #Track-bites

UK As Coco, the cutest chinese you will see in your life if you are lucky enough, would say: international styyyyyyyle. That meant a bit of everything, no rules, and still adding confusion. Me, the brazilian, tried to push the meal time to as late as possible – we are late eaters. We don’t dine