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A Cooknst Event with an Unique Brazilian Taste

UK Cooknst is excited to present on the 14th and 15th of June the Boteco Brasil Supperclub. Two enchanting evenings full of live music, art, and a seven course meal of traditional Brazilian dishes cooked by UK Masterchef semi-finalist, Luciana Berry. Inspired by a Brazilian “Boteco”, this night is going to be unforgettable and one you won’t

Rebecca's colours & shapes for Who's your mama

UK Who’s your Mama (Cooknst multi-sensorial feast next Saturday 19th May, at The Baldwin. The event is part of Mixed Sessions, our seasonal pop-up event combining heartfelt food, exquisite drinks, live music, fine art and stories) inspired me to paint a watercolour that ties together motherhood and all the delicious foods that will be included during the evening. The

Are you ready for our next event, Who's your Mama?

UK Did you know that Cooknst next pop up event is on the way? Well, if not, here is your complete guidance to join us on our next event, Who’s your Mama, Saturday 19th May, 7pm, at The Baldwin Gallery. Tickets on sale here! And here is the story: Blessed by life, beauty, aromas and tastes

And then Winter came, delightful!

UK The last edition of the Mixed Sessions at The Baldwin Gallery of 2017, our Winter Delight on 9th December!!! It was perfectly as we expected… cosy and intimate, sweet and delicious, warm and happy. I have to say that it was challenging this month, December, with busy schedules, lazy weather, less rhythm. However, while we

Who's coming to our Summer of Freedom, 1/7, in London?

It all started with Nina Miranda, this gorgeous brazilian-british singer who has just released her new album, ‘Freedom of Movement’. This title, so well put in times like these, brought us to create a night to celebrate diversity, liberty, cultural exchange… To celebrate THE POWER OF NEW CONNECTIONS. Nina’s story bridges different spaces, languages, cultures and