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And then Winter came, delightful!

UK The last edition of the Mixed Sessions at The Baldwin Gallery of 2017, our Winter Delight on 9th December!!! It was perfectly as we expected… cosy and intimate, sweet and delicious, warm and happy. I have to say that it was challenging this month, December, with busy schedules, lazy weather, less rhythm. However, while we

Who's coming to our Summer of Freedom, 1/7, in London?

It all started with Nina Miranda, this gorgeous brazilian-british singer who has just released her new album, ‘Freedom of Movement’. This title, so well put in times like these, brought us to create a night to celebrate diversity, liberty, cultural exchange… To celebrate THE POWER OF NEW CONNECTIONS. Nina’s story bridges different spaces, languages, cultures and

Keep calm and drink champagne before coffee

Munich The culture of coffee shops – or cafés – goes beyond French borders and is becoming a universal thing. Pass by a coffee shop and look around. Everything is happening: a dating begins, another ends, deals are closed, deals are broken. There are people who laugh, smile, cry, shut up or watch all this!

Feels like home

UK I will never forget the day I walked into The Baldwin Gallery to get a feel of what was going to be my next adventure in the kitchen. I felt astonished, overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture of this Victorian house. It was a big source of stories, real or from one’s imagination, breathing history. But there