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Cook4me, baby groovy playlist

Malaga To cut onions, to bake chocolate cake or to prepare some cocktails, the mood should be spirited. This soundtrack will make your kitchen zippy. You choose the vibe: to cook as mad or as a perfectionist. To create this playlist I jumped into my kitchen with mind and heart full of good memories and

Shall we share a foodie dance?

UK I thought about sharing with you some thoughts and ingredients behind the Cooknst kitchen. So I’ll begin with a question that very often I hear when pitching the project – well, we are a startup in early stages, and I am in that moment of bringing more people to the table. The question is:

Pssst… We've got news: Save 1 July night for us!

UK Almost 2 weeks after the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions… So much happiness and joy, positive feedback and fun stories to tell. What a great time, with some unforgettable after hours! For all of you that have not experienced a Mixed Sessions yet, worry no more! There is one coming up just for

Feels like home

UK I will never forget the day I walked into The Baldwin Gallery to get a feel of what was going to be my next adventure in the kitchen. I felt astonished, overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture of this Victorian house. It was a big source of stories, real or from one’s imagination, breathing history. But there

Empty fridge, potatoes go crazy

Malaga Ready to travel the following day, buy food to cook seems to me waste a precious time. That’s why I’ve done a search through the kitchen and found six potatoes, some tomatoes, mushrooms, half pepper, sausage and two eggs. In my mind an idea to prepare a tortilla, but I was lazy to slice

Sun-dried tomatoes vs. modern grandma

UK The other day I told my grandmother that I had asked my mother the recipe of her sun-dried tomatoes. I thought I was making her proud, bringing back that sweet part of our story. Little I knew… When I was a kid and along my teenage years sun-dried tomatoes were THE THING at my

Updating my food pantry dream

Málaga, Spain It might sound a bit odd, but my mother-in-law’s pantry – which I gave the nickname “Little Shop” – is the true embodiment of what I think about keeping cultural and family traditions, as well as a fantastic way to reduce our household waste. Maria is my mother-in-law, and everyone affectionately calls her