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A cheese with an unforgettable name

UK It all started when I opened my restaurant in 2015. Portugal has a vast variety on local products. You can find the best wine at your own region, great bread in the next door small bakery and wonderful cheese at a county farmer. For my tapas restaurant in Leiria, Portugal, I wanted something different,

Tastes of 2016 to inspire 2017

Ireland Every good moment deserves to be shared. The recipe as following to the letter is adapted, replacing the hamburger bread to a brioche instead. Last year has been full of tasty memories, from the canjica – a brazilian sweet dish made with white maize, coconut milk and cinnamon -, to a mouth watering barbecue

Sun-dried tomatoes vs. modern grandma

UK The other day I told my grandmother that I had asked my mother the recipe of her sun-dried tomatoes. I thought I was making her proud, bringing back that sweet part of our story. Little I knew… When I was a kid and along my teenage years sun-dried tomatoes were THE THING at my

Hungry for home? Go for sardine pizza

Germany “One month! I’m here in in Germany for a month already!” She hadn’t even unpacked yet. Her mind was still in Rio, in the last preparations for the trip. When she was packaging everything, a friend phoned and asked if she still had the sardine pizza recipe – a family flavour. The question seemed