Goddard and Gibbs | Our review

Has Spring sprung?

Is there a hint of spring in the air? We certainly think so and our excitement for the new season led us to fantasise about sipping a fine a glass of white wine by the sea while waiting for the freshest seafood meal to appear in front of us.

Well we didn’t manage to get to the sea, but we did recently sample some seaside produce. The crew from Cooking New Stories headed out to check London’s newest promising seafood hot spot, Goddard and Gibbs, the new restaurant that took over the space of Hoi Polloi (RIP) right next door to the One Hundred Shoreditch (from the same group that owns the Sea Containers hotel), which has taken over Ace Hotel.

All the young dudes

Both Ace Hotel and Hoi Polloi were once the haunts of young trendy East London hipsters and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, who would use both places for work (it wasn’t unusual to see laptops everywhere during the day in the lobby), meet ups, dinners, and a little fun at the hotel’s special events

The good news is that Goddard and Gibbs has kept its late-night charm, with low lights, wooden panels and table settings, but with a little upgrade – the prominent yellow décor on the wall and a giant sculpture in the centre of the room complements the chic atmosphere with a vibrant modern wrap.

Spoiled for choice

Tom Moore, who has previously worked for a Mayfair members club, devised the Goddard and Gibbs menu. British seafood and ethical sourcing are the flags flown here. This includes oysters from Moldon, Carlingford, and Whitstable, as well as a Whole Market Fish Day, Dorset mussels, Cornish Fish Stew, crab, and other items.

We had the Seafood Platter (£85), of which the highlight was the smoked mussels and oysters, intended for two but would be a terrific first course for three to four people if you add a few extra items, such as the Sea Bream ceviche (our favourite, with an Asian twist, £10) and the Prawn cocktail (£16). Our Whole Market Fish was a Plaice, which was incredibly fresh and covered in Samphire, but was a little too large for the plate and its juices.

For the first week of the opening, we received an unexpected 25% discount, which was certainly a motivating treat and inspiration for a future visit. Tom’s Sourdough Crumpet with Cornish Mackerel and Mussel Emulsion is something we’re looking forward to trying — he’s the founder of Moor’ish Crumpets, which means there’ll be even more deliciousness to taste!