We celebrate deliciously wholesome food that is lovingly made from scratch, and believe that behind every recipe there is a unique story to be told. Our community brings together cooks, chefs, entertainers, artists and all adventurous foodies that share a love for cooking up new and interesting stories!



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Daniela Paiva

My vision for Cooking New Stories started at my dinner table, surrounded by my friends and family, indulging in our culinary creations and sharing stories of our love for art, travel and most importantly, taste. I have always passionately believed that food has the ability to connect people from all walks of life and different backgrounds, and here in my little slice of the foodie internet, we try to do just that!


I came to England to develop Cooking New Stories after having a successful career in Media and Communications in Brazil. I hold a bachelor degree in Media and Communications and an MA in Enterprise and Business Creation at the University of East Anglia.

Oceana masterman-smith

Part time freelance curator and part time Cooking New Stories Editor, I love to combine my love of the arts with my passion for all things foodie. I hold a BA with full honours from The University of Westminster and an MA in Museum and Gallery Studies at Kingston University. 

Luiz felipe araujo

I’m a Brazilian, marketing enthusiastic and tech-savvy professional living in Canada. My journey with Cooking New Stories began three years ago, and since then, the concept of food to me is not the same anymore. Rather than the usual idea behind a meal, I now see it as an enabler of great experiences and feelings.

Oliver Duarte / Blauer

I am co-founder of Blauer , a creative agency based in Brazil. My passion for cooking began at home, when I saw my father and grandparents preparing dishes by the hob and the wood fire. When I met Daniela, this passion got stronger, and while cooking and eating together for many times the idea of a platform for food lovers were born. Cooking New Stories website was created by us through this combination of food love and friendship, perfect for a happy life.