Rich flavours and a colourful Brazilian vibe

Chef Luciana Berry recreated a little piece of her Bahia (Northeast of Brazil, where she is from) serving her dishes in rustic terracota bowls and on wooden dishes, she chose to decorate tables with chita towels (a typical fabric from Brazil with flowers and vibrant colours), banana leaves and garnishing courses with edible flowers.

Fried chicken with garlic, chilli and sesame seeds


‘Frango a passarinho’ with perfect sweet and spiciness

Black beans veloute 


Traditional and warming ‘caldinho de feijão’

Fried cassava with acai mayo


‘Mandioca frita’ with an innovative touch of açai mayo

The flowery vibe.


Colourful details on the poster and around the rooms

Author and owner of Capitolina Books Nara Vidal.


Beautiful crockery and dish getting attention

Pratibha, Chef Luciana’s right hand in the kitchen.


Room filled with delicious aroma coming from the kitchen

A little special surprise for the guests.


A little gift for the guests not on the menu: salted cod fish

Incredible combination of fresh ingredients and preserved kiss pepper.


Bowls of Luciana’s hot sauce were in high demand all night!

It was served two types of caipirinha: traditional with lime and cashew.


Caipirinha, yes please! A Brazilian party is not a party without it

A relaxing atmosphere

Guests danced and enjoyed vibrant performances and also had the opportunity of learning about the artwork exhibited at the gallery from owner Dennison Smith

Special help

Luciana explains the menu to the guests and reveals a surprise, one of the dishes was kindly made by her mother, who lives in Brazil but were visiting at the time.

Chef and curator

Luciana Berry (left) and Dennison Smith (back)

Heidi and José Ferreira performed a series of Brazilian tunes including iconic songs from great artists such as Sergio Mendes.


Heidi Vogel and Josué Ferreira

Singer, songwriter and musician Aleh Ferreira, accompanied by musician George Fogel, performed his original material and some Brazilian classics.

Daniela, Cooking New Stories founder, introduces singer and songwriter Aleh Ferreira

Aleh Ferreira (back) and Daniela Paiva (front)

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