carnival extravaganza

Samba, cachaça, moqueca, glitter, fun, good energy, old samba tunes and excellent artwork all around the venue. What more can you want for an elegant Carnival night?

We had an urn filled with hats, necklaces, gloves, scarfs and masks free for guests to dress up and play around with the carnival vibe.


Guest were invited to grab an ornament and dress accordingly

A communal table in one of living rooms was set for a communal meal, while another space from the house was reserved for the musical performance.


The Baldwin gallery had a unique and cosy artistic homely feel

We invited guests to feel free to also bring their glitter, feathers and Carnival costumes.

The vibe

Guests got into the Carnival mood and brought their sparkles

Carnival brings in the new year in Brazil

January and February are a bit yuck, slow and lazy… so, in Brazil, we wait for carnival to truly kick off the new year! After a week of festivities, dancing and fun, people head back to their offices on Ash Wednesday, and the new year begins, usually with a hell of a hangover!

We brought the spirit of Carnival to London for our first supper club (Mixed Session). There was live music, heaps of hearty food, artwork, wonderful people and plenty of dancing.

Moqueca is a typical Brazilian seafood stew that has different version according to the region, in Bahia, it is “dendê” (palm oil) is essential. Ours followed Bahia rules.


Typical Brazilian Moqueca was made with Monkfish

Yaguara cachaça is a small batch artisanal cachaça perfectly blended for a refined taste. This is the product of five generations of family passion.


Traditional caipirinha with Yaguara cachaça

The menu had a full meal, with all the sides that a typical moqueca has in Brazil.


Salad, rice, farofa (cassava flour) and kiss pepper

Caco and Odila based their repertoire on old traditional samba tunes and carefully chose, such as Abre Alas, Mamãe Eu Quero, Desde Que o Samba é Samba é Samba, O Rancho da Goiaba, Máscara Negra and A Estrela D’Alva elegantly performed by the duo.

Live music

Brazilian singer and songwriter performed for first time in the UK

The Mixed Sessions was created to motivate people to eat and connect while dining together, watching amazing artists and discovering great artwork.


Our guests and performers at together alike

In the kitchen, at the bar, dancing around, spreading positive vibes, Jana, our cooking host created the menu, drinks and was responsible for a certain song that opened the night – Noite dos Mascarados, by Chico Buarque.


Janaína Campoy’s moqueca had fresh fish from Billingsgate market

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