lockdown life

I’ve spent my quarantine working from home and cooking, cooking and cooking! I’ve fulfilled the lockdown stereotypes of baking sourdough and banana bread but have also got really into my fermenting – kimchi, fermented hot sauce, and all kinds of fermented veg. They say it’s good for the gut but I just think it’s tasty. I’ve also spent time experimenting with cocktails recently.  My favourite cocktail is a Breakfast Martini as it’s acceptable to drink in the morning! I’ve also made a Deadly Nightshade which was very intriguing – kind of like a dry daiquiri with roasted aubergine puree. 

beautiful home cooking at your doorstep

I am currently in the process of setting up a small food business to run from home alongside the day job, selling my home cooked food. What a great way to share my good home cooking with those who are prone to culinary disasters. Potential clients (anyone who doesn’t have time to cook or is just an awful cook!) can drop me a message on Instagram @katyodonovan .