Creators, the dinner I #Track-bites

As Coco, the cutest chinese you will see in your life if you are lucky enough, would say: international styyyyyyyle. That meant a bit of everything, no rules, and still adding confusion.
Me, the brazilian, tried to push the meal time to as late as possible – we are late eaters. We don’t dine before 8pm. While the American, the Persian-American-English, the Chinese and the Thai pulled it as much as they could.
Our agreement was somewhere around 7pm.
Now here is THE challenge: most of our classmates were under 25 (don’t ask…). I took my standard card from the sleeve and tweaked with a bit of a modern touch.
Thank you autumn. 6pm to start cooking, it was already dark and chilli, gray enough to warm the house with a mix of jazz and soft sounds.

Nina Simone light up the fire with an interpretation that you can almost feel her new beginning – maybe relate to it, what made sense in that dinner.

The very international meal – moqueca (brazilian), chinese beef and persian rice and chicken
Then I went on with classic with Chet, twisting a bit with Brad Mehldau’s beautiful Blackbird. 
The girls were all there, Jones, Diana Krall, Ella, Madeleine, Billie, Etta. The guys too, Miles, Louis, Scott, Nat, Duke. And oh yes, Nouvelle Vague because my soul is rock’n’roll.
And Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett to put diversity in the same pan.
My Brazil represented with Girl from Ipanema and Jorge Ben Jor in portuguese as it should be, deliciously as it is. An alien brought for a dash of curiosity.
This was the first dinner of our Master degree class, very international, very diverse in tastes – and I can not complain about that because I’ve never tried so many different food as in that year.
I did two playlist – this one for when people were arriving, which I had to play two times, and another one for the dinner and a bit after with a more upbeat mood.
You’ll catch it here soon.

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