Shrimp pasta with unbeatable trick


I have a couple of friends from different times in my life that live in the same city but far away from me, Raíssa and Renata. Every time I go there it’s sacred: we meet to eat, drink, and talk, like the last time was simply yesterday.

Cooking and theraping, from left to right: Renata, Raíssa and Betânia
Along the way, we closed bars, discovered cute restaurants, did small road trips together, tried to look good on the dancefloor when this was still our playground. And cooked.
The girls share a love for each other, but in a way, I was always the connection. They waited for me to set the table and exchange our recent stories. Always surrounded by a glass, two, or more than three of wine. A few beers too, depending on the hotness of the day. Draft, of course.
I had a bit of a troubled heart, as always. Too much emotion, you know? Needed the warmth and the wise words of these two girls.
There is a third one, Betania, who comes around from time to time. She belongs to Raíssa, but she is mine when I’m there too.
Goofing around and annoying the chef with pics and filters
The four of us got together that night with Raíssa piloting a pasta with shrimp, her style. Shrimp was for me because she is not a really meaty person and once the main dish wad aubergine. Poor Raíssa did not know that I am not a big fan of aubergine, to say the least.

The aroma of the shrimp shells and heads for the broth slowly perfumed the apartment. Top floor, simple and with a beautiful view of the city, wrapped around that gorgeous smell.

After that night, almost every shrimp sauce that I make has this broth, but my style, cooked with one onion, one carrot, a clove of garlic, poivre and whatever herbs I have available.

Amazing result, full of flavours
Onion, garlic, tomato fried in olive oil, the shrimp, fast cooked and saved for the end, the broth, and back the shrimp. Pasta ready.
My emotions were ready too. Lighter, less worried. Sometimes things are just a pasta with shrimp, they take a little while to be perfectly cooked, but not too long.
Just enough.

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