A family up for challenging flavours


Infused Spirits is a family business that I was inspired to set up in January 2016 after spending many happy hours with my children and dogs foraging for fresh fruits in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

It all started with inspiring dog and children walks
I am passionate about experimenting with flavours and am constantly amazed at the wonderful infusions that can be produced. Both sloes and rosehips are quite inedible when tasted on their own, but a few months of infusing in gin or vodka produces a delicious drink!
A challenge to the drinking adventurer
As with any process that involves experimentation there are misses as well as the hits – luckily I have willing volunteers in the shape of a husband and son who dispose of those infusions that do not make the grade…..
When I first started selling the infusions, making the labels for the bottles was the hardest part of the whole process – I wanted to have a rustic, homemade ‘look’ so had rubber stamps made, brought brown labels from Amazon and tied ribbons around the bottle necks.
Finding the right wrap was part of the journey
The first Farmers market that I attended was completely nerve-wracking. I was so terrified that no-one would like them, no-one would buy them and I was mostly struck dumb. Extremely unusual for me! I also had the brain-wave of wrapping up the bottles before the fair – brilliant idea, except I then didn’t know what was actually being sold!
One year on and the labels have completely changed. I asked for help from a family friend who completely understood how I wanted the labels to look- homemade but professional. Not an easy brief but I am delighted with how they look.

The range of infusions that I produce has increased and I am selling them at larger craft fairs and markets. Selling to the public is something I have no experience in.

My ‘real’ job is in the NHS which is a million miles from selling alcohol but I know that I have to engage with people very quickly in both my jobs.
And in both my jobs people say the funniest things – I have made some great friends among the other market traders and we often say we should write a book- ‘It shouldn’t happen to a market- trader! One example recently was a lady who tried all six of the samples on my stall and then declared that she wouldn’t buy one as she didn’t drink alcohol.
My plan for the rest of this year is to continue increasing the range of infusions and get a website built so I can sell products on-line.
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