Colours to bring beauty to the taste

I’ve always been, let’s say, a colourful person. Colours represent a lot of my optimistic and full of energy nature. And I find ways to express this in my cooking and hosting dinner parties without losing sight of elegancy.
My plates, for example, are ceramic white with cute dancing skulls on the side, reflecting a lot of the personal style that my close friends have known me for.
I’ve got another set of plates, from the 60’s black and white, that I collected from a vintage market in London, enhancing a retro taste in the most recent years.
I love watching guest’s multicoloured plates passing by when Cooknst brings the Mixed Sessions to The Baldwin Gallery, in London.
We are grateful to be able to use the Gallery’s own set of ceramic plates and bowls, so chic in their grey blueish, making a perfect background for our vibrant chromatism on each dish.

Garden risotto served on the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions
Garden risotto served on the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions, by the amazing cookinista Janaína Campoy
For the cookware, I tend to avoid the boredom of the stainless steel and similar type of set (I know, it is practical and efficient, I have a few items, I admit).
Orange is the new Cooknst casserole – and we also have a cool black one too.
An unforgettable monkfish Moqueca at the Carnival Extravaganza edition of the Mixed Sessions, also by Janaína and at The Baldwin Gallery
I am proud of owning a fleshy green pasta boiling pot, a gorgeous ceramic red casserole, and a few other cookwares that I simply adore to show off to my dear ones.
Pans and pots can really represent your style, your personality. They have a role on one of the most natural acts of life – eating with others. Now think about meal parties – such a strong moment of generosity, of exchange, of giving and receiving…
As for romantics cooks, there are some really nice pastel tones baking trays and super cool vintage ceramic pots out there.
More classic, a bit traditional, fast cook looking for practical usage, probably would go for stainless steel, aluminum or tefal.
Iron demands power, fearless character and patience. If that’s you, what are you waiting for? It’s both challenging and very pleasurable cooking material.
OR you can be a bit of everything, mixing it all up and using one according to your mood and will to express yourself in that moment of time and being.
Photos by the superb Ju Carnelos. 

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