Tortilla: together we go on a journey to perfection


It’s not difficult to genuinely develop ‘a thing’ for the Spanish tortilla.

It’s anywhere and everywhere, from the good, bad or just self-called ‘tapas bar’ around the world to the authentic ones in the vibrant Spain.

Not so rarely this dish finds a place at our homely kitchen through the idea that it is easy going to make, as well as easy going to please.

And, let’s admit, there is a bit of a hype touch – or glamour! -, even though a tortilla carries so much tradition and family warmth within.

I have craved for the perfect tortilla process. BUT I confess: I’m a bit lazy on looking, scanning and studying recipes.

Instead, I watched closely others and copied its and bits of their processes. A friend, an uncle…

So, I developed my own tortilla, a little rough, but friendly in taste and twists… And of course, I’ve invited friends over many times trying and exploring improvements.

There is a journey to achieve the perfect tortilla and, of course, you will need people to come along. A tortilla cannot be eaten by one, it almost cries for two, three, four mouths.

Until the day, I came across King Calaf this spring.

Venceslau Calaf is a notorious cook and bar owner of my hometown in Brazil. His bar/restaurant became a home for music, party and good culture for young adults.

Calaf’s roots are Spanish, and he gave a whole new flavour to this group food trip that I went in April.

Besides being the sweetest man on earth, the kindness, and the coolest – the King nickname is just, really, because he deserves it -, he mastered the tortilla and shared some fantastic trips.

I finally have THE RECIPE to follow.

Shall we go for it?

Chef & bar owner, Calaf and his piece of heaven
Chef & bar owner, Calaf and his piece of heaven in Majorca
Classic Tortilla by King Calaf (serves 6)
Ingredients for a medium sized frying pan:
8 eggs
5 potatoes
1 onion
olive oil
salt and pepper
Get on with it:
Peel and chop the potatoes in very fine circles – as thinly as your utensils allow you to. Put the potatoes in a tray, cover with foil and cook in the oven in medium temperature for 40 minutes.
Crack the eggs in a bowl and mix. Carefully add the potatoes. Add salt and pepper. Mix gently.
In a flat pan (medium depth) fry the onion finally chopped on olive oil. Add the mixture of potatoes and eggs and stir, again, gently (if needed, take the pan out of the flame on this time of the process to not burn).
Back in the flame.
Let it cook until firm on the outside and a bit inside (careful to not burn or overcook!). Then comes the tricky part – you will have to flip it without burning yourself (of course!).
Take the pan out of the flame. Put a plate on top and flip the tortilla. Pour it back on the pan.
This process can be VERY tricky, and sometimes the tortilla can break. If that happens, here is the magical trick: beat two eggs and pour it over part that got broken.
Let it cook until firm watching out to just make the perfect crust and……….
Tortilla close up
Yep, it’s gorgeous, I know!
AHA! Enjoy!

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