Tips for table design with loads of personality


Decorating a table for special dinner parties is a way to expand the pleasure of eating and tasting to the space around you.
Once a friend said: ‘serving scrambled eggs with delicacy and having it at a carefully-prepared table, contemplating a flower for instance, is a way to relax and treat myself well, from my stomach to my soul’.
Preparing a beautiful table does not always requires large sums of investment.
The truth is that the most important ingredient is care – and a bit of attention.

Allow yourself to use what was made to be used. Do you put plates, glasses and trays in storage waiting for the perfect moment? Bring it out. Use it in everyday life. Make each moment special.

There is always a fear of breaking a piece. But the feeling of using them recurrently is so much bigger than leaving it in a cupboard. It’s energy that just gets stuck in the space.

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Photo credit: Ilana Besler for the project Habitado
Create new combinations. You can find something in common between pans, plates, glasses and cutlery. Besides, this is an observation exercise that can help you be more efficient and smart when buying something new.
Photo credit: Raquel Diniz
Photo credit: Raquel Diniz
Bring flowers and plants to the table. ‘Flowers just open their mouth to bless’, once told us a healer who carried in her simple wisdom secrets from ancient nations.
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Photo credit: Flare Fotografia
Little bouquets in cups or small vases with fresh water, succulent plants, herbs are always welcome. Just be careful to avoid interfering with the natural aroma of the dishes.
Make every meal, for you and others that you invite to share the moment, an opportunity to have a complete delight from the palate to the space that surrounds and embrace the encounters.
Photo credit: Raquel Aviani
Photo credit: Raquel Aviani
Ana Viana was born in Brasília and she is passionate about Athos Bulcão, Wes Anderson e Manoel de Barros. A few year ago she moved from this city planned with straight lines to the São Paulo caos, and it does not regret it, not even a little. She collects talented friends and inspirations. Also a pisces with two feet and a heart in the world of design and decor, she has been working with interior design projects for a lot of cool people alongside with her parter at the Buji studio, a venture that helps people to reconnect with their spaces, where they live as well as where they work. 

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