When Capitu came to London to meet us

I once had this crazy idea of opening a bookshop. I would fill the shelves with the best literature made in Brazil and would make them available for the lucky people that can get their hands on all this talent.
Then, this crazy idea seemed like quite a good idea and when a crazy idea becomes a good idea it turns into a plan.
Months of hard work trying to, not only master the IT skills to get the online shop up and running, but also gathering a stock I can be proud of, Capitolina Books was looking good and almost ready to make an appearance.
All we needed now was a party to celebrate this niche Brazilian online shop that makes words travel.
So, I got together with Daniela Paiva from the amazing Cooknst to put a celebratory date in the diary.
Even if we expected people would turn up and have a good time, I never ever could have imagined how actually unbelievably wonderful the night was.
From the generosity of Denison Smith who opened the Baldwin Gallery that is also her home, to the magical voice of Cecilia Stalin and the talent of Janaína Campoy who cooked the most delicious feijoada on site, the night was tremendous.
And just like that, Capitolina Books felt very real, with beautiful people at the event, gorgeous readings by the generous authors who shared a piece of their work with the crowd and the brave Daniela who orchestrated it all.
We are now back to normal, which is never really normal. After all, I sell beautiful words from now on. How special is that?
Thank you, Cooknst for helping making this celebration a one of a kind.
P.S. I will always cherish the hard choice between the two types of g&t: Capitú and Bentinho. Which one to choose? I had both. Can’t decide.
Photos by the amazing Ju Carnelos.
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