Shall we share a foodie dance?

I thought about sharing with you some thoughts and ingredients behind the Cooknst kitchen.
So I’ll begin with a question that very often I hear when pitching the project – well, we are a startup in early stages, and I am in that moment of bringing more people to the table.
The question is: Why Cooknst was born? There are many elements to the answer, to be honest.
Cooknst started almost 3 years ago as an extension of what happened around my table, when I brought people together by hosting dinner parties for friends from different parts of my life – work, school, friends of friends, party pals, etc. Like-minded people that maybe wouldn’t find a friendly environment to meet.

Beautiful natural colours of the Brazilian meal served at the table of our first edition of the Mixed Sessions: Carnival Extravaganza.
At my house, they met, ate, shared, talked, laughed… I am proud and extremely content to see my legacy today on Facebook pictures, with friendships that were built in those social gatherings at my home country Brazil.

Going back to the question, I can narrow it down to a simple mission: to nurture and share the love for food.

Think about the love for food. Everybody has it, right? Not really, for some people food is just… feeding (something I confess I quite don’t understand).
But there are those who REALLY love food. One can find a meal almost as sacred, a time to pause, connect with the universe and just feel.
One can find it the kind of obsession that makes you think about lunch during breakfast; and plan dinner while enjoying lunch (I’m in that category…)
One can take a load of pleasure on cooking and/or eating.
All of those people, I can say, care deeply for what they eat.
For our cookinistas, the crew of cooks and food makers connected to us, that means, for example, dishes and products made from scratch.
We do not like preserved, canned, colourants… Or stuff that is not good for health, taste… That does not have strong values on the recipe.
We share the devotion, for instance, for sauces made with fresh ingredients.
It’s about that homely experience, with everything chosen carefully and preparation taking a lot of soul to it.
Or happening in front of you. WITH YOU.

I can read: what’s the recipe? And I can hear our cookinista Janaína Campoy sharing it too.
That natural sound of happiness of a kitchen that belongs to someone that enjoys food…..

Eating and cooking is like a love dance.
You swing. You stir. You sweat. You look. You bite. You smile. You make Yummy sounds. You feel. You want to dance again.
It’s that kind of love for food that I am – and we are – talking about.

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