My kind of travel: traditional street food in Budapest

Getting to know traditional foods, local ingredients and the country’s history through food is one of my favourite ways to travel.

When I plan a trip the first thread on my personal guide is its gastronomy.

On the trips I’ve made to Budapest – Hungary I’ve visited the classic Gerbeaud Coffee to taste the famous Dobos Torta, the favourite pie of the Empress Sissi. It’s made with five layers of chocolate and caramelised sugar on the top.

Alternative and delicious Street food in Budapest

But visit the street markets full of home-style recipes make me thrilled. On special holidays, many food stalls pop up in a square in Pest, between Gerbeaud Coffee and Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve had my first hungarian street food experience there.

My suggestion is start with “lángos”, a deep fried savoury dough, topped with sour cream and grated cheese. It’s a ultimate hungarian street food. It’s possible to see the whole process from the start, frying the dough and putting the chosen topping on.
Other speciality is “sult kolbasz”, also known as hungarian hot dog. The sausage is made with pork mince, herbs and lots of paprika. Usually grated cabbage and a selection of veggie pickles can be served as a side dish.

Sult kolbasz, the Hungarian hot dog!
Sult kolbasz, the Hungarian hot dog!

To sweeten your day

For dessert Kürtöskalács, a kind of chimney cake. It’s a sweet brioche type bread glazed with sugar is cooked over coals before being rolled over cinnamon or cocoa, among other toppings. That recipe is traditional in several Eastern European countries. In Prague, its served with a scoop of ice cream.  

Hard to avoid the temptation.
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