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Lets Get Ready To Crumble!! Match 1: The Bake Slayer VS Bun(nie)s of Steel

UK Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the bake off event of the year, one that will be told for generations to come! A match to determine who will be crowned the mightiest and worthiest of not just baking, but vegan baking. A challenge so intense that it will test the limits of any baker. The

Cooknst and Glass of Bubbly Pairing Up Again to Discover Vegan Fizz and Food

UK This past week Cooknst founder, Daniela, joined the popular international website for Champagne & Sparkling Wine information and news, Glass of Bubbly, to pair up some sparkling wines with food. However, these weren’t just any type of wine and food, these were all vegan wines and vegan food they were pairing up together.   Accompanying

A Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe that is Guaranteed to Make Everyone Drool!

UK I’m Jordane, 25, from Norfolk. I have six house rabbits, work at a rabbit rescue, and in my spare time I do photography. I have been vegan for five years and baking for four. I started baking cakes when I realised that there were no good ones you could easily buy in shops (totally