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Lets Get Ready To Crumble!! Match 1: The Bake Slayer VS Bun(nie)s of Steel

UK Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the bake off event of the year, one that will be told for generations to come! A match to determine who will be crowned the mightiest and worthiest of not just baking, but vegan baking. A challenge so intense that it will test the limits of any baker. The

Advice on How to Approach a Filipino Family Party

USA There’s three vital steps you absolutely can’t miss if you’re invited to a Filipino family party: Greet the host first Leave your shoes at the door And most importantly, come on an empty stomach Expect plenty of food. There’s no skimping on portions, and all the dishes are hearty and filling: plump, sticky rice

Lucille's Quick and Easy Luscious Thai Peanut Noodle Soup

UK I absolutely love cooking but hate the washing up that comes with it, so one pan foods are my absolute favourite! This easy dish is all about chuck it in and dish it up! This recipe is one that my friend gave me after having it in a restaurant in Amsterdam and has quickly

Popular Types of Salt: How and When to Use Them

France Salt is one of the most important ingredients you can find in the kitchen. This simple ingredient can transform an average dish into a great one, enhance the flavour of food, and change flavour profile to affect sweetness and bitterness in food. In this article brought to Cooknst by La Baleine, producer of France’s number

An Adventurous Cook Exploring the World Through Food!

USA Growing up in California I was exposed to a lot of international cuisines. Every year my school would host this cultural event fundraiser that I’d always looked forward to. I got to experience a lot of Mexican and Filipino dishes such as tamales, pancit, and the best lumpia ever! These events really unlocked the

Cooknst and Glass of Bubbly Pairing Up Again to Discover Vegan Fizz and Food

UK This past week Cooknst founder, Daniela, joined the popular international website for Champagne & Sparkling Wine information and news, Glass of Bubbly, to pair up some sparkling wines with food. However, these weren’t just any type of wine and food, these were all vegan wines and vegan food they were pairing up together.   Accompanying

Meet Jed Dunton, Who Captures the Art of Food!

UK I suppose my passion for food photography started from a combination of a few different things growing up. The majority of my family consists of artistic, creative, musical, and generally spirited people. I think that this probably had an affect on me my siblings and also my cousins growing up, some how nearly all