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Indulge in this Hearty Filipino Sinangag/Garlic Fried Rice Recipe

USA Of course, like any good Filipino girl, I’m eager to share that taste of home with others. Filipino home cooking features a lot of simple ingredients and beginner-friendly techniques, so if you can boil and sauté, you’re pretty much covered. That’s great news for me as I continue to build up my cooking repertoire

Advice on How to Approach a Filipino Family Party

USA There’s three vital steps you absolutely can’t miss if you’re invited to a Filipino family party: Greet the host first Leave your shoes at the door And most importantly, come on an empty stomach Expect plenty of food. There’s no skimping on portions, and all the dishes are hearty and filling: plump, sticky rice

An American Chef's Passion for Fusing Foods and Flavors

USA At a young age my family opened me to a wide variety of foods. Whether it was orange roughy or gar couvillion, we were exposed to exotic foods early on. Food was special for us. I remember when my father and I would make omelettes. It was the first time that my father and

Food and literature in London by Nara

UK London is a literary gem. London is also a food lover’s paradise. So, what more perfect than marrying these two passions of mine and kill two rabbits with one stone? I am always on the lookout for restaurants and cafes that have even a slight reference to literature. I think it makes most sense.

Meet Jed Dunton, Who Captures the Art of Food!

UK I suppose my passion for food photography started from a combination of a few different things growing up. The majority of my family consists of artistic, creative, musical, and generally spirited people. I think that this probably had an affect on me my siblings and also my cousins growing up, some how nearly all

Rebecca's take on our foodie art collaboration

Our foodie artist Rebecca Freeman wrote about our collaboration on her blog here. Thank you SO MUCH Rebecca for joining us. It has been delightful to get inspired with your work! UK Cooknst (Cooking New Stories) is a great place for those who enjoy cooking and all things to do with food and culture! It

Cook4me, baby groovy playlist

Malaga To cut onions, to bake chocolate cake or to prepare some cocktails, the mood should be spirited. This soundtrack will make your kitchen zippy. You choose the vibe: to cook as mad or as a perfectionist. To create this playlist I jumped into my kitchen with mind and heart full of good memories and

Shall we share a foodie dance?

UK I thought about sharing with you some thoughts and ingredients behind the Cooknst kitchen. So I’ll begin with a question that very often I hear when pitching the project – well, we are a startup in early stages, and I am in that moment of bringing more people to the table. The question is:

Jan's feast for Capitu, Capitolina Books and you!

UK Each mixed session is a journey. A process which starts with a theme and evolves into a menu and a musical performance. At this edition, it all began with the launch of Capitolina, a publisher which specialises in contemporary Brazilian literature, whose name derives from Capitu, an iconic character created by Machado de Assis