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Espeto de sardina, one delicious icon of Malaga's cuisine

Spain If you come to Malaga, capital of Andalucia, you should definitely come taste the iconic malagueña cuisine, sardines skewer (espeto de sardina in Spanish). The method of grilling the sardines over an open fire has been a long tradition around Malaga and the surroundings areas dating back to the Phoenician and Roman fishermen who

Brigadeiro: heaven and a serious business!

Malaga Few months ago I wrote an article about brigadeiro and Guinness, Heaven for Ronia is called Brigadeiro, and it has Guinness, a sweet Brazilian and Irish fusion. Since then I’ve been making brigadeiros for fun and offering as a gift for friends and neighbours. I didn’t realize that I was starting a business. It’ve started a

How to not get puzzled and order coffee in Malaga

Malaga The capital of Andalusian has a peculiar way to order a coffee. A mitad (half and half), a cortado (short), a nube (cloud), a sombra (shadow), and more five varieties which delight coffee lovers everyday in Malaga and other cities along Costa del Sol. The measuring system is a certain proportion of milk and

My kind of travel: traditional street food in Budapest

Malaga Getting to know traditional foods, local ingredients and the country’s history through food is one of my favourite ways to travel. When I plan a trip the first thread on my personal guide is its gastronomy. On the trips I’ve made to Budapest – Hungary I’ve visited the classic Gerbeaud Coffee to taste the

Cook4me, baby groovy playlist

Malaga To cut onions, to bake chocolate cake or to prepare some cocktails, the mood should be spirited. This soundtrack will make your kitchen zippy. You choose the vibe: to cook as mad or as a perfectionist. To create this playlist I jumped into my kitchen with mind and heart full of good memories and

My husband has a sweet lover

Malaga Do you think is possible someone fall in love with food? I’m a chocoholic and soupaholic as well. Sometimes I master my cravings eating other things but think about “hum, soup definitely will be better”. My husband is different, when he likes something it makes him crazy. Now his obsession is a brazilian version

Shade of pink, let's beet it!

Malaga, Spain This time of the year the market become red-dark and purple. It’s beetroots season! My favourite root since my childhood, when I grabbed in the fridge and ate raw, like an apple. Sweet, slightly earthy and fabulous on the plate, this ruby red root goes beyond the flabby slices dipped in strong vinegar.