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Mari is cooking her light pesto without cheese

My earliest memories in the kitchen are from when I was around 7 years old. This passion that evolved throughout my life took me to develop easy going, heartfelt recipes for my family and for clients. One of them is this fantastic pesto with spinach, cashew nuts and pistachio. Before going to work, my mother

Young Charlie's Gourmet Gluten Free Ragù Bolognese

One of my joys in life is cooking, especially when my seven year old son Charlie helps me. He is a budding young Chef and is better than me when it comes to chopping the ingredients! His speciality is anything Italian and this recipe is our go to dish when we need a comforting supper.

Back to working and cooking new stories for 2018!

UK Cooknst is back to work after a little break. Hands on the prep for what promises to be a breakthrough year, we are almost ready to start Cooking New Stories in 2018. I’ve been reviewing 2017 during these last few days, looking for how to improve and make the best of a Cooknst experience.

And then Winter came, delightful!

UK The last edition of the Mixed Sessions at The Baldwin Gallery of 2017, our Winter Delight on 9th December!!! It was perfectly as we expected… cosy and intimate, sweet and delicious, warm and happy. I have to say that it was challenging this month, December, with busy schedules, lazy weather, less rhythm. However, while we

My husband has a sweet lover

Malaga Do you think is possible someone fall in love with food? I’m a chocoholic and soupaholic as well. Sometimes I master my cravings eating other things but think about “hum, soup definitely will be better”. My husband is different, when he likes something it makes him crazy. Now his obsession is a brazilian version

We've got a new cool neighbour: Foode

OUK Hi, my name is Tito. I am the founder and CEO of Foode. Foode is a food sales platform that allows you to buy homemade meals from talented chefs in your local area.  All chefs on Foode have one thing in common, their love for creating delicious food from scratch using fresh ingredients. Every

Shade of pink, let's beet it!

Malaga, Spain This time of the year the market become red-dark and purple. It’s beetroots season! My favourite root since my childhood, when I grabbed in the fridge and ate raw, like an apple. Sweet, slightly earthy and fabulous on the plate, this ruby red root goes beyond the flabby slices dipped in strong vinegar.

Shall we share a foodie dance?

UK I thought about sharing with you some thoughts and ingredients behind the Cooknst kitchen. So I’ll begin with a question that very often I hear when pitching the project – well, we are a startup in early stages, and I am in that moment of bringing more people to the table. The question is: