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Young Charlie's Gourmet Gluten Free Ragù Bolognese

One of my joys in life is cooking, especially when my seven year old son Charlie helps me. He is a budding young Chef and is better than me when it comes to chopping the ingredients! His speciality is anything Italian and this recipe is our go to dish when we need a comforting supper.

Shall we share a foodie dance?

UK I thought about sharing with you some thoughts and ingredients behind the Cooknst kitchen. So I’ll begin with a question that very often I hear when pitching the project – well, we are a startup in early stages, and I am in that moment of bringing more people to the table. The question is:

Ladies and gentlemen: the Naked Boteco

From UK Our FIRST EVER NORWICH event. Our FIRST EVER IN-HOUSE experience. Our FIRST EVER 100 foodfriends moment. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for Cooknst as a company with a diverse set of experiences and products connected to bring people together through the passion for food, art and culture!!! Yes, WE DID IT! We prepared a special event for a

Meet our Flower Power bread maker, Kiki Machado

UK Since I can remember, in my family home, the most expected meal was tea time around 4pm. I was born and lived until I was 15 in Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil well known for its delicious food. My mum takes tea time really seriously. Cakes, breads, cheese, home baked biscuits, fresh juices, and

Hot spoon to catch your lover

From Malaga If someone asks me what is my favourite plate, a bunch of them stroll through my mind, but soup is my number one, definitely. A huge bowl of chicken soup gives me energy against the flu or hangover. In wintertime, soup, soup, soup. Vegetables and mint leaves, in a mild broth, are a perfect

Haters will hate: truffle oil love

From Malaga   One of the most charming countries I’ve ever visited in Europe was Croatia. From the seaside towns to small villages, Hum (pronounced who-m) was the most special. Hum is the smallest town in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. It was created in the 11th century, as a medieval

Feel the heat #carnivalextravaganza

UK In Brazil we usually say that the new year just really starts after Carnival. January and February are a bit yuck. Slow, lazy… Sometimes fast, true. Always boring. But the breakthrough does not happen on Ash Wednesday, when we normally go back to work in the middle of the day with a massive hangover

My memories in a cake

UK I love cake. I know you love cake too. But why do we love cake so much?I have a theory. Smells and flavours work together and have an enormous power. They allow us to travel in time, but always to the past. When we eat a slice of cake, we travel directly to our first memories. Our childhood memories. When I eat a

Empty fridge, potatoes go crazy

Malaga Ready to travel the following day, buy food to cook seems to me waste a precious time. That’s why I’ve done a search through the kitchen and found six potatoes, some tomatoes, mushrooms, half pepper, sausage and two eggs. In my mind an idea to prepare a tortilla, but I was lazy to slice

#TBT on a camping adventure heat

UK Camping less than an hour’s drive from home might not seem like the most exotic of getaways, but the holiday had all the components of a great trip – good food, good friends, and the rarest of British summertime occurrences, sunshine! It came at a good time – we were all in need of