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Our Sold Out Boteco Brasil Supper Club Blast

UK On the 14th and 15th of June Cooking New Stories got together for some action with Luciana Berry and Dennison Smith from The Baldwin gallery to bring to life what we’d been preparing for months: a series of Boteco Brasil Supper Clubs that mixes delicious food, live music and art. I need to start by saying

True love comes in a big pot

UK Think about your food experiences when dining out. Dishes are prepared and finalised to look like artwork. Flavours are at the ultimate level of balance and delicacy, and very often the ‘wow’ factor comes from challenging the eye and the palate. It’s the sophistication of the French cuisine interpreted with the modern response of

Vegetables vases to eat and decorate

UK While travelling this summer with a group to discover the unique flavours of Denmark and Finland on a gastrotrip led by the Top chef Simon Lau Cederholm (AND my uncle), I was enchanted by the vegetable vases and ornaments I came across. At the Lumskebugten, fine dining restaurant that has the signature of chef

Are you ready for our next event, Who's your Mama?

UK Did you know that Cooknst next pop up event is on the way? Well, if not, here is your complete guidance to join us on our next event, Who’s your Mama, Saturday 19th May, 7pm, at The Baldwin Gallery. Tickets on sale here! And here is the story: Blessed by life, beauty, aromas and tastes

A playlist for love bites by Sebastien

Belgium Hungry for some romance? Set the scenario, get your ingredients ready. Let the night flow with this soundtrack by our beloved Belgian singer Sebastien Nightingale, star of the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions last year, and superb multitask collab, for Valentine’s Day this week. But honestly it can be very well put

Back to working and cooking new stories for 2018!

UK Cooknst is back to work after a little break. Hands on the prep for what promises to be a breakthrough year, we are almost ready to start Cooking New Stories in 2018. I’ve been reviewing 2017 during these last few days, looking for how to improve and make the best of a Cooknst experience.