A playlist for love bites by Sebastien

Belgium Hungry for some romance? Set the scenario, get your ingredients ready. Let the night flow with this soundtrack by our beloved Belgian singer Sebastien Nightingale, star of the Flower Power edition of the Mixed Sessions last year, and superb multitask collab, for Valentine’s Day this week. But honestly it can be very well put

Cook4me, baby groovy playlist

Malaga To cut onions, to bake chocolate cake or to prepare some cocktails, the mood should be spirited. This soundtrack will make your kitchen zippy. You choose the vibe: to cook as mad or as a perfectionist. To create this playlist I jumped into my kitchen with mind and heart full of good memories and

Creators, the dinner I #Track-bites

UK As Coco, the cutest chinese you will see in your life if you are lucky enough, would say: international styyyyyyyle. That meant a bit of everything, no rules, and still adding confusion. Me, the brazilian, tried to push the meal time to as late as possible – we are late eaters. We don’t dine